The Benefits Of Whiter Teeth In Middle Age And Beyond

The Benefits Of Whiter Teeth In Middle Age And Beyond


You typically see the younger generation opting to whiten their teeth. However, teeth whitening is for anyone, of any age, and can be particularly beneficial for those in their middle ages. 

It is understandable that teeth whitening companies often target young people, as they are more susceptible to trends, and in the age of social media and Snapchat filters, there is more pressure than ever on young people to change their appearance. While the young are lining up to get their teeth whitened, there are many benefits for older people to get their teeth whitened too. 

Here are some of the top benefits for those middle-aged and beyond to get your teeth whitened. 


Life doesn’t end at forty 

While many believe that you are in your prime when you are in your twenties and thirties, it is important to note that life does not just end when you turn forty. It has been shown that the majority of middle-aged people are much wiser, active, and more involved in activities than they were ten, or even twenty years prior. While you mess around, experiment and date when you are younger, you have all that experience and knowledge to apply to your life in your forties, making it some of the best years yet. Many believe they hit forty and should be settled down and content by then, but the truth is, there are a plethora of people in middle age who are looking to have fun or looking for a partner. While you can get a new wardrobe, and purchase new makeup, discolouration in your teeth can often lead people to feel stuck and self-conscious. While you may be healthy and active, your years prior could have led you to binge drinking coffee and smoking tobacco, which is not great for your teeth hygiene. Teeth whitening is therefore a great, and affordable option for those in their forties and beyond, to build their confidence and live a more fruitful life. There are plenty of options to choose from at the Specialist Dentist Forest Hill, whether you prefer a one-off treatment for an event or holiday, or if you would like to maintain whiter teeth, you can opt for ongoing treatment. 


The treatment

Teeth whitening treatments with a Cosmetic Dentist in Forest Hill are not non-invasive and are easy to complete. They are pain-free and therefore, do not require any local anaesthetic. The process of teeth whitening can take as little as one hour. First, the cosmetic dentist will ensure your lips and gums are protected, and then apply a special gel to your teeth. You will then have a special light in your mouth, to activate the process. This process will leave your teeth several shades whiter than before. This level can be adjusted to suit your needs and be brighter, or more subtle. 


Beyond middle age 

If you are not interested in socialising and are happy with being settled at home, that shouldn’t stop you from getting your teeth whitened. It may at times feel pointless, but remember you want to feel happy and confident in your skin. Even if you are older than seventy and wondering if it is worthwhile, you’ll be surprised at how many happy patients we have seen of a similar age. 

Regardless of your age, you should not let any hang-ups about your teeth or your smile stop you from living your life. Teeth Whitening in Forest Hill might just be your next best investment. 

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