Teeth whitening at the dentist: What to expect

teeth whitening in Forest hill & Dulwich

Teeth whitening at the dentist: What to expect


There are many good reasons why you might want to have your teeth whitened. It can provide a real confidence boost for lots of people. If you’ve been a heavy drinker of coffee over the years or a smoker, the chances are you’ll have discoloured teeth. Whitening changes that.


If you’re looking to achieve a white and healthy smile there are a few options to consider. Over the counter whitening kits are available, but their results can be substandard. That’s why we recommend a dentist-prescribed teeth whitening kit. You can find out more about these and how the process works below.


Prescribed At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits


When your dentist in Forest Hill prescribes you a teeth whitening kit, it uses stronger chemicals for better results than the ones you’d get from over the counter kits. They’re also specifically tailored for you and your dental situation, making them safer and helping them achieve better outcomes for your teeth.


These kits are take home kits, so you come to the dental practice to have the moulds taken and things like that, but you use them and do most of the actual whitening at home. The chemical used in these kits is called carbamide peroxide and gets effective and safe results. It does have to be used with caution, however, and that’s why your dentist will find the concentration of it that’s safest and most effective for you.


What to Expect from the Process


The benefit that comes with taking the kit home with you and using it in your own time is that it’s so convenient. You can use it as and when it suits you, and you can also use it as much as suits you too. Different people have different aims when it comes to the extent to which they want to whiten their teeth. You can simply stop using your kit when you achieve the results you’re happy with.


When you attend your first visit regarding the teeth whitening process, the dentist will begin by assessing your teeth and taking an impression of them. With that impression, they’ll be able to have made to measure retainers created that are the right fit for your teeth.


When the custom retainers have been made, they’ll be provided to you and you’ll be given the whitening gel that you use alongside them. This gel is what uses the carbamide peroxide whitening agent.


You can wear the custom retainers with the whitening gel at a time that suits you, such as before you go to bed. You might start noticing the results overnight or it might take a little longer. Most people will start to see the whitening outcomes they’re looking for within one to two weeks. You can have the gel topped up once or twice a year if you want to as well.


If you’re interested in getting your teeth whitened or you want to find out more about the whole process, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to help you out in whatever way we can.

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